FAQs: Terra and your Azure resources

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To provide better control, Terra orchestrates and manages Azure cloud resources a little differently than Terra on GCP. Read on for more details, and answers to FAQs about Terra on Azure resource management.

How Terra manages your Azure resources

On Azure, all cloud resources deployed as part of a workspace reside in your Azure tenant and subscription.

About this offer

With this Azure Managed Application (AMA) offer, you will be deploying an Azure Managed Resource Group in which all your storage and analysis resources you use within Terra are deployed. These resources will sit within your Azure Subscription.

This offer is not the Terra platform, but is required for linking Terra to your Azure subscription. Billing for these resources is passed from Terra to your Azure Subscription without markup, so your existing Enterprise Agreements or discounts apply.

About Azure Managed Applications (AMAs)

The Terra control plane deploys resources into Azure Managed Applications as needed, and these resources are managed and supported by the Broad Institute.

To learn more, see Overview of Azure Managed Applications - Azure Managed Applications | Microsoft Learn.


1. What is the cost of using Terra?

The Terra platform and support is free, but you will pay for any Azure resources you use (includes data storage and compute) in Terra. After you register in Terra from app.terra.bio, you will link Terra to your Azure Subscription for all accrued costs. Your Azure pricing might vary if you have enterprise agreements or other discounts.

2. Why is my Managed App empty after it is deployed?

Terra deploys resources into your AMA as you begin working in Terra and once you have established the link between your Azure Managed App and the Terra Control Plane (done via the app.terra.bio user interface after you register).

3. How am I charged for cloud resources?

All resources deployed into your AMA are charged to your linked Azure Subscription using any in-place agreements or discounts for your use of Azure. Terra does not impose an overhead cost on resource deployed into your AMA.

4. Can I set up my AMA and use Terra in different regions?

All resources in your AMA will be created in the same region in which your AMA is set up. You cannot have resources in multiple regions within a single AMA.

5. Can I have multiple AMAs

Yes, you can create multiple AMAs and link them each to Terra from the Terra User Interface. This is useful if you need for resources to be deployed into different regions.

6. How can I track the spend within my AMA?

You can use standard Azure Subscription billing tools to monitor your Azure spend on Terra.

For more details, see Overview: Costs and billing in Terra


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