Best practices for source control on Terra

Amy Unruh
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Learn why and how to track and manage changes to code (in notebooks, Python and R scripts and packages, or workflows) on Terra.

Why/when to use source control

  • Collaborating
    Source control lets many people work on the same code base at the same time. Any conflicts are resolved in a controlled and trackable way, and it’s easy to revert to previous versions.
  • Sharing
    Source control allows others to view and use your work, and see the history of changes to a code base.
  • Managing different versions of work
    When experimenting with or prototyping different approaches to an analysis, source control lets you easily review differences between versions.
  • Creating a history of changes that you (and your collaborators) can refer to later.
  • As a backup mechanism
    Easily revert to previous versions, when needed.

Terra source control resources

This "cheat sheet" summarizes some best practices and tips for using source control on Terra, using the source code control system GitHub.

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